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Concrete Sidewalks and Patios

Concrete Sidewalks and Patios

The concrete patio and sidewalk are an excellent foundation for entertaining. If your walkway has become weathered or cracked, you may want to give it a makeover. Learn more about concrete patio and concrete sidewalk ideas.


Customer Feedback

Will You Design My Concrete Sidewalks and Patios?

We can design your concrete patio and sidewalk. Choose from different materials, including colored concrete, stamped concrete and textured finishes. We can help you select the best color for your project based on what is already in your yard or neighborhood.

Our contractors can design a shape for your patio or sidewalk to complement the style of your home. The design can complement any other features, such as trees or bushes in the area where you want to install it.

Custom Concrete Sidewalks and Patios

Would It Be Better To Resurface or Replace Concrete Sidewalks and Patios?

Concrete resurfacing is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your concrete patio or sidewalk. Our contractors can do concrete resurfacing without delay. It requires minimal disruption to the surrounding area, making it ideal for homes with pools, gardens or other amenities.

Resurfacing is less disruptive than replacing because it only affects the top layer of old concrete. Underneath there's plenty of good material left that will hold up well over time. Resurfacing also lets you choose from different colors and textures. This makes your new surface look new similar to the replacement.

Getting Started

The first step to building a concrete patio or sidewalk is to choose the right contractor. Daunting as it may be, finding a contractor can be a challenging task. You need experienced contractors who know how much it will cost and how long it can take to complete building the patios and sidewalks.

Next comes estimating costs for materials and labor based on your budget and design goals for your patio or sidewalk project (for example, is this going outside my house? Do I want fire pits? How big should my patio be?). Once you have concrete patio ideas of what size and shape you want, our contractors can begin designing it.

Concrete is a durable material that can last a lifetime. It's also relatively easy to work with, which makes it a better choice for patios and walkways. You can choose the concrete color according to your preference and needs or add decorative elements, such as stones or pebbles.

Joswick Concrete Contractors in Pennsylvania offers many concrete services. Request an Estimate to find out more about concrete sidewalks and patio designs.

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