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Pool Concrete Patio

Pool Concrete Patio

If you're lucky enough to be having your own pool installed, there will come a time when you need to think about installing a pool concrete patio. But when do you arrange for this work to be completed, and how do you go ahead with the project? At Joswick Concrete Contractors, we're specialists in fitting a concrete patio around an above ground pool, and we'd be delighted to tell you more about our services and provide you with a cost-effective estimate.


Customer Feedback

Having a Pool Installed? When Do I Suggest Joswick Do The Work Around My Pool?

So, let's look at the timeline for completing your pool concrete patio. Once the excavation, steelwork, plumbing, and electrical works have been completed, it's time to install the concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass shell. After that, the pool concrete patio can be installed around your new pool.

There are so many benefits to choosing a concrete pool patio, including:

  • Durability—concrete provides a sure and stable platform for entering the pool and lazing and relaxing at the pool edge. It's durable, will last for decades, and helps to contain any water runoff from swimmers when they use the pool.

  • Low maintenance—concrete is quick to dry when it gets wet and can stand up to all the pool chemicals that land on it. Apart from occasionally needing to be swept with a broom to take care of leaves and other debris, your concrete pool deck will require little in the way of maintenance.

  • Style—concrete is so versatile when it comes to creating your desired look. From stamped concrete to brush designs, there are many styles available to you.

Getting Started

Give your pool the wow factor by choosing a stunning pool concrete patio that is as beautiful as it is durable. We'd love to help you get the perfect finish. Get in touch with our team today for a competitive estimate and more details of the finishes we have available.

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